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Thanks to his sponsor at American Airlines, DJ Shorte is planning a world-wide “Hot Spots 360” tour! Check out some of the cities and countries we plan to explore from around the globe in 2017:

Anchorage, Alaska

Athens, Greece

Austin, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand

Barcelona, Spain

Beijing, China

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cape Town, South Africa

Charleston, South Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

Dallas, Texas

Delhi, India

Denver, Colorado

Detroit, Michigan

Hong Kong, China

Honolulu, Hawaii

Houston, Texas

Jakarta, Indonesia

Johannesburg, South Africa

London, England

Milan, Italy

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Moscow, Russia

Nashville, Tennessee

Portland, Oregon

San Antonio, Texas

Saint Louis, Missouri

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Seattle, Washington

Seoul, South Korea

Shanghai, China

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tokyo, Japan

Washington, DC

DJ Shorte plans word-wide tour sponsored by American Airlines. His mission is to DJ, perform and film for his TV show and compile original content for his Hot Spots 360 empire!

Throughout his journey, Erik Mishiyev, better known as DJ ShortE has performed at some of the HOTTEST spots from New York to Miami, Tampa Bay to LA, from South Africa to Hawaii, London, Paris and beyond, all while interviewing some of the biggest celebrities and multi-platinum music stars like Pitbull, Khloe Kardashian, Neyo, Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Blaine just to name a few…

Shorte’s worldwide tour has already begun with recent trips to Paris France, Heidelberg Germany, NYC, Los Angeles and Las Vegas!