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Official trailer and world premiere of “A Dying King” in Beverly Hills, California.

Short-E gives you a sneak peek of the red carpet action!

A DYING KING: THE SHAH OF IRAN directed by Bobak Kalhor.

On January 16,1979, the then-Shah of Iran left the country beginning what became a 19-month odyssey to exile in Egypt, Morocco, the Bahamas, Mexico, the U.S., Panama, and back to Egypt again where he passed away. His death had profound consequences for the future of the Middle East and the world, yet the untold medical story of the late Shah has to date remained a puzzling mystery. This documentary leads viewers to the main causes of the Iranian revolution, subsequent hostage crisis, and the state of relations between the U.S. and Iran. Short-E the Hottest DJ/VJ in the World brings you Celebrity interviews, Red Carpet events, Hot Spots and a touch of Reality TV!