Energy Movement – DJ Shorte (Radio Edit) – Hot NEW radio single “Energy Movement” performed by DJ Shorte.


Verse 1

No doubt, here we go again, doing all we can to make ya dance, takin off ya pants, really not givin a damn, unless you wana get a credit advance,you better enhance, a generous hand, here’s the plan, just get rid of your man, if you know whats up, throw em up, better hold your cup, cause now we gon’ fuck! pop bub when the moment comes, better open up, here i come, you know what, better recognize spread them thighs, we gon fuck, turn this shit up, you and me will get an exclusive, let the melody prove it, nothin better than music, competitive,we the next level of new shit, and then it gets, better, when we set an improvement, its evident, record labels checkin their blue print, aint better, than hot4eva’s energy movement, let it set in, then we bettin everything on it, your body is callin, tell me how do you want it?

Verse 2

Forget weed, but im tryin to find a dime quick, i drop shit, rhyme and they slide on my dick, your optics blinded, cause i can ryhme quick, im just tryin to get head and you my hostage, ahhh kid, but i treat you like achmed, if i find out that you really got 5 kids, ahh shit, buyin shots, you got 6, you one hot bitch, but thats not on my wallet, fuck that, im just gonna go loco, and flow dope, til you really cant take it no more, then go home, know we takin the whole globe, like ozone, either that or coast to coast, i hope so, waitin for my LP to go gold, and then Ill leave you motherfuckers stunned like stone cold, oh no, slow mo, the rope broke, i got a choke hold for the pros that are so old, oh!

Verse 3

I can be the new christ, this is my passion, spittin since back when playin kid that they rappin, gator reaction, when im spittin these fractions, in the lab, written on pads, chillen relaxin, wonder why these other rappers misssin in action? well its cause hot4eva is a vivid distraction, citizens askin, when you fittin to go platinum? well we aint doin shit till them titties is flashin, the new generation of this shit, we did in an instant, its time, gettin rid of this bizness, always head coach, never been an assistant, catch me in the club, pimp limpin like biskets, listen, if you in da club, lets go! this a combination of hip hop and techno, i dont need a rhino, but ima echo, signin off, ill get at you at the next show, you know…

Music produced by: Michael Rodriguez
Co-Written by: Verbal Science

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